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June 2014 Top500 List

The new Top500 list of supercomputers is out, and the tone is downbeat. Record low turnover and performance increase, signified by the #500 computer having performance growth of 55% year-over-year since 2008, whereas it had been doing 90% before that. … Continue reading

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Why the Lagrangian is kinetic minus potential energy (at least for gravity)

Warning: This is a higher level post, assuming some familiarity with Lagrangian mechanics and general relativity. When the aspiring physics student is first exposed to Lagrangian mechanics, which differs from Newtonian mechanics in that it focuses on scalars and energies … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Knowledge

The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch by Lewis Dartnell Imagine there was a mass die-off of human beings, perhaps from some pestilence or a Game of Thrones season premiere party that got way out of hand, but … Continue reading

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