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Bluebrain Year Three

I think that reverse-engineering the human brain could well be the scientific undertaking and accomplishment of the 21st century, rivaling the greatest successes of prior years. All human undertakings and accomplishments are essentially the results of brains doing things, and … Continue reading

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Top500 November 2012 list

A few weeks ago Anand Shimpi of AnandTech toured Oak Ridge National Laboratory to report on the upgraded Titan supercomputer which is worth checking out, and the Titan has topped today’s new list of Top500 supercomputers with 17.59 petaflops. This compares … Continue reading

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Podcasts I listen to: Nov 2012

I listen to a few podcasts on my morning and afternoon commutes and while taking in the evening air. The subject, a brief overview, and my reasons for enjoying them are as follows: AnandTech Podcast — Subject: Technology and Computer … Continue reading

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