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Bluebrain Year Three

I think that reverse-engineering the human brain could well be the scientific undertaking and accomplishment of the 21st century, rivaling the greatest successes of prior years. All human undertakings and accomplishments are essentially the results of brains doing things, and … Continue reading

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Podcasts I listen to: Nov 2012

I listen to a few podcasts on my morning and afternoon commutes and while taking in the evening air. The subject, a brief overview, and my reasons for enjoying them are as follows: AnandTech Podcast — Subject: Technology and Computer … Continue reading

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Higgs article roundup

For those wanting to sink their teeth into the recent boson (probably Higgs) discovery at a more in-depth level then the typical lay press, here are some choice links: The Higgs Boson Explained by PhD Comics (video) Why the Higgs … Continue reading

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Susskind Lectures: Round 2

I think that Leonard Susskind’s online video lectures are a great resource, as they are free, well-presented, and on the topic of modern physics (I don’t know what it would mean to classify something as “advanced” physics or not). It … Continue reading

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Statistics resource of the day: Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling is a Swedish doctor and statistician who has become something of a TED celebrity with lively videos on global statistics, in effect making stats cool. Most of his videos can be found on his author page on TED, … Continue reading

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Some physics primers for the week

I’ve come across a few physics primers or FAQs that I think are worth a read, and I link to them herein: Cosmology Primer by Sean Carroll An Elementary Primer on Elementary Particles and Their Interactions by Dan Bloomberg The … Continue reading

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Some good YouTube STEM series

Here’s a few quality STEM video series I’ve come across on YouTube that are a great time sink and learning resource. First we have the Engineer Guy starring Bill Hammack, which specialize in the engineering decisions, trade-offs, and materials choices … Continue reading

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