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Top500 June 2013 list

The latest edition of the Top500 list of supercomputers came out this week, and the Chinese Tianhe-2 has taken the top spot with 33.86 PFLOPS, nearly double the 17.59 PFLOPS of the USA’s Titan which was #1 on the last … Continue reading

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Book Review: Intuition Pumps

Intuition Pumps And Other Tools for Thinking by Daniel Dennett Thought experiments can be used or abused, but when done right they can open your mind to new avenues of thinking without actually having to go out and perform a … Continue reading

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Logical fallacy: Conjunction fallacy

It is a theorem in logic that , that is the probability of some event A occurring is always higher than the probability of both A and B occurring, unless B always occurs when A occurs in which case they … Continue reading

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