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Human race 2015 Kardashev score

Armed with 2015 data (found on page 40 here, for “Total World”), we can calculate the latest Kardashev score for human civilization. Further, the new data slightly revises previous years estimates, and so I’ll calculate the values for the past … Continue reading

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Human race 2014 Kardashev score

In 2012 I calculated the human race’s Kardashev score to be 0.7248 and in 2013 I found 0.7257. BP has now released its report on 2014 data, which can be found here (specifically page 40, “Total World”), which lists total … Continue reading

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Human race 2013 Kardashev score

Last year I went through a calculation using data about worldwide energy consumption to calculate a Kardashev score for human civilization and got Type 0.7248 in 2012. BP’s data for 2013 was recently released (page 40, the “Total World” row), so … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Knowledge

The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch by Lewis Dartnell Imagine there was a mass die-off of human beings, perhaps from some pestilence or a Game of Thrones season premiere party that got way out of hand, but … Continue reading

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A change to my year-end civilization metric

Since I began this blog back in the dark days of September 2011, I’ve listed some “civilization metrics” at the end of each year (2011, 2012, 2013). The motivation comes from enjoying graphs of things like Moore’s Law that always stopped … Continue reading

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Human race 2012 Kardashev score

The Kardashev scale is a metric used to grade how advanced some civilization is, in terms of total energy utilization. The usual grading goes from Type I (all the energy of a planet) to Type II (all the energy of … Continue reading

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Has the Solar Age finally arrived?

One news feed I follow is Today in Energy from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), where recently the follow fascinating graph was posted We can see the advent of major industrialization in the US via the major uptake in … Continue reading

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