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The Great Courses, organized

A really useful resource for being introduced to new subjects are the Great Courses series from The Teaching Company. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re first- or second-year university-level lecture courses on hundreds of different subject areas, with each lecture typically … Continue reading

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Year in review 2015

This year’s civilization metrics remain the same, with two small changes: I’ve slightly adjusted the ATLAS integrated luminosity values from “recorded” to “delivered” (which is again distinct from “good for physics”) since CERN makes it easier to get at those … Continue reading

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2016 computer wishlist

My current desktop dates to Jan/Feb 2011, and is starting to get pretty creaky (in fact, the motherboard was recalled a few months after I bought it but I didn’t bother with that). That was around the time that SSDs … Continue reading

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Wireless headphones and smartwatches (some thoughts)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and have been getting more and more into audiobooks. I initially just started out with earbuds, but for a bus or a train it’s really nice to have noise-canceling or else you need … Continue reading

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Year in Review 2014

For this year’s civilization metrics, I announced a change earlier this year from the the hard-to-measure number of interplanetary probes to the comparatively easy to measure peak solar power production in the United States. What I’d like to use is … Continue reading

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A change to my year-end civilization metric

Since I began this blog back in the dark days of September 2011, I’ve listed some “civilization metrics” at the end of each year (2011, 2012, 2013). The motivation comes from enjoying graphs of things like Moore’s Law that always stopped … Continue reading

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Year in Review 2013

In terms of reading, I didn’t get as many physical books read as I would have liked, though in fairly recent times I’ve been getting more and more into audiobooks which is accelerating my consumption rate (though there are others … Continue reading

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