The Great Courses, organized

A really useful resource for being introduced to new subjects are the Great Courses series from The Teaching Company. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re first- or second-year university-level lecture courses on hundreds of different subject areas, with each lecture typically lasting 30 minutes and usually comprising multiples of 12 lectures. There are a number of sample lectures available on YouTube and on Audible they have a landing page dedicated to the Great Courses.

One difficulty is that with dozens or hundreds of courses it can be difficult to sort through the heap if you don’t already know exactly what you’re looking for. I had this problem when I was trying to see if they had an Introduction to Sociology or an Understanding Sociology series (I’m in the boat Robin Hanson describes here where as an outsider it’s not clear to me what the difference is between economics and sociology) and came up with nothing. At the same time I became interested in how the various academic disciplines relate to each other. Wikipedia was very helpful here.

So I put two and two together and began mapping various Great Courses series as best I could to the academic disciplines. It could never be done perfectly, since the academic disciplines have fuzzy boundaries, compete for different subject matters (is anatomy more a part of biology or medicine?), and the courses themselves don’t bother to follow clear boundaries. I found out as I was doing it (in stages) that there were many more courses than I had initially supposed and I kept discovering areas with dozens of courses that I had hitherto overlooked.

I did my best and the result is now a top-level page on this humble blog, found here. Every time I look at it I end up making small changes and I add to it as The Teaching Company produces new series so it’ll be a living document. I hope others find it useful.

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