Human race 2013 Kardashev score

Last year I went through a calculation using data about worldwide energy consumption to calculate a Kardashev score for human civilization and got Type 0.7248 in 2012. BP’s data for 2013 was recently released (page 40, the “Total World” row), so let’s get calculating.

As a reminder, the equation for the Kardashev Type is

\displaystyle K = \frac{\mbox{log}_{10}P - 6}{10}.

Where \displaystyle P is the average power output. They find a value of 12,730.4 megatoe, or million tonnes of oil equivalent for total energy consumption. This gives \displaystyle 5.698 \times 10^{20} J which if expelled in a year gives \displaystyle 1.807 \times 10^{13} W. Plugging this into the above equation gives

\displaystyle K = 0.7257.

Still a long ways from Type I.

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