Top500 June 2013 list

The latest edition of the Top500 list of supercomputers came out this week, and the Chinese Tianhe-2 has taken the top spot with 33.86 PFLOPS, nearly double the 17.59 PFLOPS of the USA’s Titan which was #1 on the last list and now in second place. In November 2011 its predecessor, the Tianhe-1, was on top. General performance of the list has continued to follow long-term trends, so if we extrapolate naively, ignoring all the problems, we’d expect some system to hit an exaflop around 2018.

As seen in the bottom right of the poster shown below, the number of co-processors (not the usual general purpose CPUs, but highly parallelized workhouses based off of graphics cards) has gone down a bit, though the long term trend is up. The Tianhe-2 uses Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. x86 (Intel and AMD) continues to dominate the CPU space.

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