LHC ends 2012 run

Back in June I posted this image which showed how the 2012 run of the LHC was comparing to the 2011 and 2010 runs

ATLAS cumulative dataWhere delivered luminosity is a proxy for amount of data collected (note this image is just for the ATLAS experiment. The CMS graph looks similar). The point being that the previous runs were being blown out of the water with months still to go.

Well, the 2012 proton-proton run is complete and the LHC will be shut down for repairs and upgrades (the main one being upgrading the beam energy from 8 TeV to 14 TeV) and here’s how that graph has evolved over the remaining months

Final 2012 LHC Integrated LuminosityNote the difference in scale of the y-axis (you can impress your friends with the word “ordinate” which just means y-axis. The x-axis is called the “abscissa”). Not only did it run better by collecting more data, but the experimenters ran it for longer since it’ll be down for at least 2 years. The (possibly Higgs) boson announcement was made in July so you can see there has been plenty more data collection since then, with results starting to trickle out and the full 2012 analysis to be released in March 2013.

Hopefully no major problems crop up that will delay the restart.



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