Top500 November 2012 list

Source: Top500

A few weeks ago Anand Shimpi of AnandTech toured Oak Ridge National Laboratory to report on the upgraded Titan supercomputer which is worth checking out, and the Titan has topped today’s new list of Top500 supercomputers with 17.59 petaflops. This compares to the 16.32 PFLOPS Sequoia supercomputer from the last list, which is now at the #2 position. In total there are 23 systems that have over 1 PFLOPS performance (5 years ago there were none).

The sum total of performance of the 500 supercomputers is now at 162 PFLOPS, compared to 123 PFLOPS and 74 PFLOPS in June 2012 and Nov 2011 respectively (meaning, very roughly, a doubling in total performance every year). Most of the systems are comprised of at least hexacore processors, and the number of computers with co-processors (still mostly nVidia GPUs) continues to go up, now at 62 (compared to 58 six months ago).

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