Susskind Lectures: Round 2

I think that Leonard Susskind’s online video lectures are a great resource, as they are free, well-presented, and on the topic of modern physics (I don’t know what it would mean to classify something as “advanced” physics or not). It appears that they are sufficiently good that he’s going ahead and just doing them again. The “Modern Physics: The Theoretical Minimum” courses started in 2007 with 1 Classical Mechanics, and now a 2011 Classical Mechanics has been released by Stanford.

I can only presume and hope that the rest of the series will get another pass, though already I note the alternate courses on Quantum Entanglements seems to not have gotten a second chance (there was a series called Quantum Entanglements, 2 that seems like it will never see the light of day). It would be interested for historical purposes to compare the two and see what’s changed or how his lecture styling has changed, if at all. For me personally, the most notable part is that they’re now shot in HD whereas the older lectures were of fairly low video quality.

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