Getting on the Isaac Asimov train

Prior to starting this blog, I had read I think only two pieces of Isaac Asimov’s vast corpus: Foundation and “The Last Question,” both of which I enjoyed. That’s of course barely a whisper of his total output, since he wrote something like nearly 500 books and many short stories. Apart from his fiction though, I found out that he was a great science popularizer which given the eventual planned nature of this blog interested me. I have since procured a few of these works and will be reading them in the near future and writing reviews as usual. Starting with a work aimed at younger people, The World of Carbon, I have in my sites The World of Nitrogen, Asimov’s Chronology of Science and Discovery, Building Blocks of the Universe, and Understanding Physics. On the fiction side, which I don’t track here, I’m looking at finishing the Foundation trilogy in the near future as well as reading “Nightfall”, apparently his most famous short story.

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