Some good YouTube STEM series

Here’s a few quality STEM video series I’ve come across on YouTube that are a great time sink and learning resource.

First we have the Engineer Guy starring Bill Hammack, which specialize in the engineering decisions, trade-offs, and materials choices that go into common items. Representative sample:

Next we have two series that are a collaboration between the University of Nottingham and video journalist Brady Haran. The first is focused on chemistry and is called the Period Table of Videos. Representative sample:

The second series is about physics and astronomy and is called Sixty Symbols. Representative sample:

Another science video blog with some good stuff is Veritasium, which makes a point of pointing out the viewers misconceptions about nature, which is apparently a great way to instill lasting memory. Representative sample:

And then there’s the Sagan Series (now extended to the Feynman Series), for when you want to lean back, crack open a beer, and get a dose of inspiration. Representative sample:

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