Nov 2011 updates

Chronologically, I’ve hit 2008 in my listening of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe which marks the beginning of their supplementary podcast The Skeptics’ Guide 5×5. I’ve also been getting my subscription to The Skeptical Inquirer magazine, so I’ve been a bit overloaded on that front which has been frustrating my attempts to make headway on The Demon-Haunted World. So I’ve decided to cheat a little and have begun reading The First Three Minutes by Steven Weinberg and have updated my Currently Reading section accordingly. Hopefully I’ll make good progress through that since my backlog of books-to-be-read is legion. Maybe once it gets colder out and my evening walks have been stymied I’ll be able to sit down and hammer through Sagan and reserve podcast time for bus rides to and fro university.

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