Reading Update (Oct 2011)

I haven’t been making as much progress as I’d like through The Demon-Haunted World, since it’s still been warm out so whenever I want to get my skepticism on I’ll go for a walk and listening to the Skeptics’ Guide podcast. I do want to finish it soon, both for its own sake and to move on to some other books in the queue (midterm season starts next week, though, which may hamper my plans).

In terms of upcoming books I want to read, the order is as follows:

These are in addition to the textbooks I’m currently using and will almost certainly leak over into next term when I’ll have a new set of textbooks. I’ll write about what I thought of them at the end of the term. Two other reading projects I’d like to start soon are a blog read-along of The Feynman Lectures on Physics and Euclid’s Elements.

I prefer to have a physical copy of a book when it’s of a technical nature, since that usually elicits a lot of page flipping which can be annoying with an ebook. I do however read a lot of fiction and layman-type books on my (now ancient) Kindle 2. My biggest gripe with it is the lack of contrast which I think was largely remedied with the 3rd generation model, but I figured I’d skip that cycle and so I’ll likely pick up a Kindle 4 (either Vanilla or Touch, haven’t decided) in the coming months.

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