Physics resource of the day: Some Feynman videos

Richard Feynman, while also a distinguished physicist in his own right, was a great popularizer of science and we have the good fortune that he lived in an age of video so many of his lectures are preserved for posterity. I have over time landed on a fair few and have compiled this list. I will post the first video only of any set (since many are broken up into smaller pieces for YouTube digestion) but it’s a trivial matter to get to the next video since it’s usually the top recommended.

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out:

Fun to Imagine (1 of 12):

The Character of Physical Law (1 of 7):

QED (1 0f 30 divided among four lectures):

Tiny Machines (1 of 11):

Strangeness Minus Three (1 of 3):

Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics (1 of 5):

Take the World from Another Point of View (1 of 4):

No Ordinary Genius:

The Last Journey of a Genius:

Now that I look at it all in one place, assuming I haven’t missed some big ones, there’s quite a few hours of recorded video of the man himself. Later on perhaps I’ll compile a list of good essays he’s written along with his published books, which will all likely end up being in my Currently Reading section at one point or another.

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