Physics Resource of the Day: Walter Lewin

Walter Lewin is a professor emeritus at MIT and is most popularly known for a set of lectures that were videotaped that comprise the introductory core of physics education at MIT. These are Classical Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Vibrations and Waves. Here are the links to the video playlists on Youtube:

MIT 8.01 – Classical Mechanics

MIT 8.02 – Electricity and Magnetism

MIT 8.03 – Vibrations and Waves

I have not exhaustively watched all the lectures, but I’ve seen a fair few and can readily recommend both for those with little formal background in science and for those who want to brush up on a topic. Note that knowledge of calculus is assumed.

There’s a separate special lecture that Lewin gave (for visiting parents I think) on the nature of color, how its comprised, how we perceive it, and why rainbows are the way they are.

Also, he has recently written a popular science book For the Love of Physics that I have not yet read, but the review on Amazon seem quite positive. Here’s a lecture he gave in conjunction with the book release:

EDIT: Added For the Love of Physics lecture.

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