Physics Resource of the Day: Sanjoy Mahajan

Sanjoy Mahajan is currently Associate Professor of Applied Science and Engineering at Olin College (previously at MIT) and is active in improving how we teach science and mathematics, particularly in using approximation and educated guessing.  I first heard about him from the Freakonomics Blog where he was discussing his new book, Street-Fighting Mathematics.  I have since followed his works with great interest.  Here’s a TEDx introduction to his methodology:

While he has so far only published the one book (also freely available), he has written drafts for a number of textbooks that cover similar material.

In addition to the teaching material itself, he also lectured for a course at MIT on Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering (meta-teaching material?) that includes a great and recommended set of video lectures, even for those who have no interest in going into teaching (lots of cool examples).

EDIT: Added manuscript about discrete-time systems that I had forgotten.

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