Linear algebra review and Khan Academy

As stated previously, I’m currently taking Linear Algebra II.  Previously, I had taken an agglomeration class that combined both I and II into a single term, but for my Physics requirements I have to complete two courses worth of linear algebra credits.  Note that I took that course 5 years ago.  So when the professor begins the class by doing a brief review of long-forgotten concepts, my reaction is obvious:


Luckily for me, Sal Khan is a total boss.  I’ve been reviewing by watching some of the Linear Algebra videos on Khan Academy, and my suspicion is that in their entirety they include the contents of my course.  I estimated recently that there were roughly 1000 new videos being added to KA every year at the present pace, so hopefully one day you’ll be able to grab a beer and some popcorn and cover everything from 1 +1 = 2 all the way up to post-doctoral science and mathematics.

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