Fall 2011 term

The school year just started today so I’ll start by saying what courses I’m taking and how they fit into the larger picture:

  • Linear Algebra II
  • Introduction to Ring Theory
  • Stellar Astrophysics I
  • Electromagnetic Theory I
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory

The first is to fulfill a requirement for two classes of linear algebra (I have previously taken a more comprehensive course but it will probably be a worthwhile refresher for a useful topic, particularly with regards to quantum mechanics).  Ring theory is a precursor to a course on group theory that I plan on taking in the future,  also apparently quite useful in physics.  The astronomy class is the first in my university’s serious Astro stream.  Electromagnetic theory is of course one of the pillars of core physics, and I’ve already taken a similar course from my previous engineering degree so again some refresher.  Thermodynamics is a basic part of the modern physics toolkit, and leads to further courses in statistical mechanics.

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